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      Cypress Semiconductor CY8CKIT-037 Evaluation Kit for PsoC 4 for BLY172S-24V-4000
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      CY8CKIT-037 PSoC 4 Motor Control Evaluation Kit, Cypress

      The CY8CKIT-037 kit is used in conjunction with a PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer kit (RS 124-4183) to evaluate DC motor control applications. The kit supports BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) motors, PMSM (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motors) and Stepper motors. PSoC Creator IDE allows concurrent hardware and software design.

      Example Projects

      • Single-shunt FOC BLDC Motor Control
      • Sensorless FOC BLDC Motor Control
      • Sensored BLDC Motor Control
      • Sensorless BLDC Motor Control
      • Stepper Motor Control

      CY8CKIT-037 Board Features

      • 4 x IR2101 High Side/Low Side MOSFET gate drivers
      • 8 x IRFU3607 power MOSFETs configured as 4 x Half-Bridges
      • Phase current detecting and processing circuit
      • Hall and Back-EMF sensing circuits
      • Potentiometer for manual speed control
      • Reset and Run/Stop pushbuttons
      • Status LED
      • CY7C65213 USB-UART Bridge controller
      • Power supply input protection circuit
      • LM5005MHX +12V @ 600mA DC/DC switching regulator
      • miniUSB socket for PC connection
      • Screw connector for motor windings
      • Screw connector for 24-48Vdc power supply
      • Barrel jack for 12-24V @ 2A power supply
      • Arduino-format Shield header for CY8CKIT-042 connection
      • Test points

      Supplied with

      24V @ 2A Power supply adapter, BLDC motor (BLY172S-24V-4000) with sinusoidal back-EMF, USB Type-A to mini-B Cable, Configuration jumpers, 2.5A Fuse, Screwdriver, Quick start guide

      Motor Controllers & Drivers, Cypress

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      Kit ClassificationEvaluation Kit
      For Use WithBLY172S-24V-4000
      Featured DevicePsoC 4
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        Statement of conformity

        This certificate confirms that the product detailed below complies with the specifications currently published by RS Components and has been subject to the quality conditions of our registration to the BS EN ISO9001:2008 management standard. Furthermore, where applicable, it provides assurance that all electrostatic discharge sensitive devices have been handled and packed under conditions that meet the administrative and technical requirements of the ANSI/ESD S20.20:2007 and the BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 electrostatic control standards.
        RS Stock No. 124-4182
        Name Cypress Semiconductor CY8CKIT-037 Evaluation Kit for PsoC 4 for BLY172S-24V-4000
        Manufacturer/Brand Name Cypress Semiconductor
        Mfr. Part No. CY8CKIT-037
        The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below.
        Date May 28, 2017
        RS Components Ltd GST Reg No. 44-710-510, Units 30-31, Warehouse World, 761 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061 NZ (P O Box 12127, Penrose, Auckland 1642).
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