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    Telemecanique Sensors

    Telemecanique Sensors

    Telemecanique Sensors | Simply Easy

    Founded over 90 years ago, Telemecanique Sensors specializes in sensors and sensor-related technology.Telemecanique Sensors is a global player, present in more than 20 countries, with products distributed worldwide through a broad network of partners.As a global leader in the sensors business, we help our customers select the right technology to get the best performance and reliability from their machines.Focused on 3 core values – Simplicity, Proximity and Expertise – we have become experts in factory automation sensors as well as specialists in demanding applications, making our customers’ lives "simply easy!"

    Mini Limit Swtiches

    XCMW Series Mini Limit Swtiches

    • No battery, no cable and high level of reliability
    • Available as a 'plug & play' package with receiver, or switch
    • The most compact format on the market
    • Ideal choice for retro-fit or hard to access areas
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    XCMW - The most compact on the market!

    With a communication range of 100m using the Zigbee technology, the XCMW is available as a 'plug & play' package with receiver, or switch only with 5 different actuator variations. For more details watch the video

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    • Our range includes 2300+ Telemecanique Sensors products, with over 150 products in stock in Sydney ready for next day delivery.
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    Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Sensors

    From basic pressure transmitters to configurable pressure switches for pumping, hydraulic, and HVAC machinery.

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