Deburring Tool Kits

Deburring tool kits are made up of product accessories used for deburring (de-edging) activities like grinding, mass-finishing, spindle finishing, sanding, and abrasive blasting. These tool kits contain components like blades, burrs, handles, countersinks and scrapers.

What are deburring toolkits used for?

Deburring toolkits are used in the deburring of materials like steel, plastic, wood, aluminium, stone and ceramics. They can be used in conjunction with almost any type of material or equipment that has a hardened surface or a robust texture.

Deburring toolkit products are versatile, and can be used in both precision and non-precision projects. The automotive, construction, aviation, foundry and shipbuilding industries all use deburring tool kits.

Types of deburring toolkits

Deburring toolkits are customised for the type of activity they will be used for:

  • Manual deburring tool kits are used with handheld tools and accessories in small- to medium-sized projects.
  • Electrochemical deburring tool kits use glycol and electrical currents to dissolve surface burrs.
  • Mechanical deburring tool kits are used where the burr must be ground from the surface areas.
  • Thermal deburring tool kits apply gas mixtures to burn off the edges from surfaces and equipment.

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Description Price Kit Contents Number of Pieces
RS Stock No. 381-4931
Mfr. Part No.EO 2101
1 Set
S10 Blade, S10S Blade, S150 Blade, S20 Blade 4
RS Stock No. 381-4925
Mfr. Part No.SP-1007
1 Set
Aluminium Handle for S Type Blade (95 mm), Cranked Countersink Bit, External Rotodrive Bit, O-Ring Blade, S10 Blade, S150 Blade, Thread Cleaning Blade 7
RS Stock No. 339-4724
Mfr. Part No.NG 9100
Acetal/Rubber Handle, N1 Blade, N2 Blade, N3 Blade, S10 Blade, S20 Blade, S30 Blade, Telescopic Holder for N Type Light Duty Blade, Telescopic Holder for S Type Heavy Duty Blade 9
RS Stock No. 182-2088
Mfr. Part No.SP7700
NG3003 Super Burr, NG3100 Countersink, NG3200 V-Cut, NG3300 Keyway Burr, NG3700 Mini Scraper, NG3710 Internal Scraper, SC8000 Adjustable Scraper 7
RS Stock No. 195-4808
Mfr. Part No.EB7000
EB2000 (1), EB3000 (1), EB4000 (1), EZ Burr Pro:EB1000 (1) 4
RS Stock No. 243-285
Mfr. Part No.325
Blade Holder, Countersink (12 mm), Countersink (20 mm), Extension Countersink Holder, Fine Duty Blade for Steel & Aluminium, Heavy Duty Blade for Cast Iron & Brass, Heavy Duty Blade for External & Internal Deburring & Drilled Holes, Heavy Duty Blade for Steel & Aluminium, Light Duty Blade for Aluminium & Plastic, Light Duty Blade for Cast Iron & Brass, Reversible Triangular Scraper, Tool Holder Handle 13
RS Stock No. 632-4879
Mfr. Part No.60095
1 Set
C-10 Blade x 2, C-10 TIN Blade x 2, C-101 Blade x 2, C-15 Blade x 2, C-20 Blade x 2, C-30 Blade x 2, C-35 Blade x 2, DTC Telescopic Holder for 3.2 mm Blade, DTP Telescopic Holder for 2.6 mm Blade, P-1 Blade x 2, P-2 Blade x 2, P-3 Blade x 2, Plastic Case, Type D Handle for 3.2 mm Blade, Type T Handle for Telescopic Holder 20
RS Stock No. 339-4415
Mfr. Part No.NX 1000
C Holder, C20 Countersink, Countersink (10.4 mm), D Holder, D50 Countersink, D66 Countersink, Double Burr, External Rotodrive Blade (18 mm), Fine Burr Handle, Hex Key (1.5 mm), K Holder, N Holder, N1 Blade, N2 Blade, N80K Blade, Ng-1 Handle, Ng-3 Handle, S Holder, S10 Blade, S150 Blade, S20 Blade, S30 Blade, T Holder & T70 18
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Lightweight robust deburring tool, suitable for fine deburring ...
Lightweight robust deburring tool, suitable for fine deburring applications Aluminium handle, complete with pocket clip. Size 120mm long x 8mm hexagonal section. Will accept all “N” type light duty blades Blades are secured by pushing the front locking mechanism and ...
Soft Grip rubber and acetal ergonomic handle. Telescopic ...
Soft Grip rubber and acetal ergonomic handle. Telescopic blade holder accepts all “N” type light duty blades. Locking ratchet stop system extends 25-115mm. Blades are secured using the front locking mechanism on the holder and are free to rotate. Supplied ...
Soft Grip ergonomic 2 piece, Acetyl and rubber ...
Soft Grip ergonomic 2 piece, Acetyl and rubber handle which accepts all “S” type heavy duty blades. Removable end cap which provides storage for spare blades. Size 125mm long x 28mm in diameter. Blades are secured by pulling back the ...