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    A hoist is a device used to help with the handling, lifting and lowering of heavy objects or loads. A hoist provides a safe and convenient way of moving items that are too heavy to move by hand.RS offer a range of high-quality lifting equipment hoists from leading brands including Yale and Eclipse.

    What are the different types of equipment hoists?

    There are two main types of a hoist, a manual hoist or a powered hoist:Manual Hoists – Manual chain hoists are available in two different types, they can be ratchet operated or hand-operated. Manual lifting hoists use two chains, one chain supports the load and the other chain is used to control the lifting and lowering of the load. A ratchet or lever-actuated hoist works by cranking the ratchet lever up and down to manoeuvre the load.Powered Hoists - Electric chain hoists are controlled by either a single-phase 240 V ac or three-phase 415 V ac power supply. Electric chain hoists offer faster lifting speeds, a wider range of lifting capacity and are typically controlled by a pendant control station.

    Important things to consider when choosing lifting equipment

    Safety is everyone's responsibility and great care should be considered when choosing and installing lifting equipment. It is essential a risk assessment is carried out by a professional team before working with hoisting equipment. Some of the most important are:How often will the hoist be used and how long for? This will affect the lifetime of the hoist.Have the appropriate structural fittings been installed? For example, spreader beams, load blocks, hook attachments.The lifting capacity of the hoist. This should not be higher than the weight capacity of the structure that is supporting the hoist.

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