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    Lifting Hooks

    Lifting hooks provide a safe and convenient way of lifting and manoeuvring loads. Lifting hooks are used in conjunction with slings, ropes and chains that are attached to a hoist or crane. Hooks are usually manufactured from steel, but some are made from durable plastics like nylon 66. RS offer a range of hooks from leading brands including CROSBY and Ergodyne.

    Types of lifting hook

    Sling Hooks - Sling eye hooks are specifically designed for grabbing and lifting applications. The heavy-duty hooks are made from tough alloy steel that has been precision control quenched and tempered to give maximum strength. When selecting a sling eye hook it is essential that the SWL (safe working load) has been considered. The load rating for each hook should be clearly visible on the hook itself. Our CROSBY sling hooks are equipped with a safety latch to prevent the detachment of the lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope.Tie Hooks - These types of hook are used when wires, cables and cords need to be controlled, lifted or stored away. The robust hooks are designed to replace cable ties or zip ties. Tie hooks are made from tough nylon 66 and incorporate a large looking hook with 360 swivel action for ease.

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