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    Tape Dispensers

    Tape dispensers are devices which hold, dispense and cut tape. They are designed to help make tape dispensing quick and easy, especially for applications where tape is used regularly. Tape dispensers help to increase efficiency and reduce tape waste.

    Types of tape dispenser:

    There are a variety of types of tape dispensers, which can hold a range of sticky tapes including brown parcel tape, heavy duty tape and office tape.We stock a variety of tape dispensers to suit multiple applications such as:

    Handheld tape dispenser - often called a tape gun, these portable dispensers are commonly used for packing parcels or boxes. They can be used one handed, increasing ease of use.

    Desk tape dispenser - these are most likely used in an office or at home and are compatible with most standard Sellotape and adhesives. Heavy duty tape dispensers are robust and often feature a weighted base to prevent them from moving.

    Bench tape dispenser - secured to the bench using a clamp or screws, bench dispensers are usually found in packing areas to prevent the tape from moving.

    Aisle marking tape dispenser - heavy duty tool used for displaying hazardous zones in warehouses and other dangerous environments.


    Tape dispensers and tape guns are an essential tool for packaging and warehouse operations, and can allow users to quickly and efficiently seal boxes. The range also includes bench tape dispensers, for workbench and desktop applications, allowing the user to cut and manage tape with no fuss or mess. They are also used by postal services and can be a useful stationary tool in the home or at the office, available in a variety of sizes to suit the desired use.

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