Contact Adhesives

Contact adhesives depend on polymers that display the capacity to attach to themselves as dry glue films (auto-grip). You can glue together different materials such as carpets, vinyl, cardboard or rubber. Once the bond has been made it is really difficult to reposition the material, therefore make sure you apply the positioning correctly at first instance. Contact adhesives work very well in the woodworking industry when bonding High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) to other wood surfaces such as particleboard of plywood.

They are available in liquid form with the liquid being either solvent or water. Solvent systems can either be flammable or non-flammable. These products can be either spray or brush applied.

What is a difference between Solvent and Water-based adhesives?

Contact water-based adhesive must be fully dry to achieve optimum adhesion, however solvent-based system dry faster, therefore, it enables faster bonding. Solvent-based contact adhesives are also a thicker consistency so they are more suitable for precision work.

Advantages of Contact adhesives

  • High shear strength
  • resistant to the voltage spikes
  • simple application and application of the adhesive
  • good adhesion to various, even non-porous materials

How long does it take for Contact adhesive to dry?

Most of the working environments are dusty, therefore, after applying the adhesive it is recommended to wait for two hours before bonding materials. Do the instructions say otherwise? Considering that the environment is dusty, it can affect the performance of the sealant. The quicker you make a bond the better.

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