Sealant Kits

Sealant kits are the chemical compound typically inside a bag that are used to disperse types of resin, typically used and designed for electrical insulation or cable joints.How do they work?Like any typical type of sealant, the resin dispersed from these sealant kits will cure upon impact and then become resistant and extremely durable to any kind of environmental interference. Features and benefits: Great adhesions properties on various surfaces such as metal or plastics Excellent stability and resistance Easy to use pour delivery system Low reaction temperatureWhere might I use one? For mechanical protection Electrical insulation for low voltage electrical joints Indoor/outdoor use Underground or submerged applications

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RS Stock No. 192-1526
Mfr. Part No.5313 20MM
RS Stock No. 915-9716
Mfr. Part No.Resin bag Scotchcast 40 230 g