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    Contactor Accessories

    Contactor accessories are parts and components that are designed to be used with contactors. Contactors are devices used as a switch an electrical power circuit, which can be controlled remotely. They are often designed to deal with a much higher current level than relays, and are also often physically larger.

    What are contactor accessories used for?

    Contactor accessories are all the component parts that are used alongside contactor devices. Primarily, they are either a replacement for a part or are used to tweak or enhance the function of contactors. For example, they may improve safety, or assist in connecting the device to the circuit.

    Types of contactor accessories

    There is a wide range of contactor accessories, but some common categories include:

    • component parts, such as auxiliary contacts
    • mounting accessories, depending on where the contactor needs to be displayed
    • safety accessories, such as terminal covers, designed to prevent contact with the circuit
    • wiring accessories, which help in connecting the contactor to the circuit
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