Analogue Panel Voltmeters

Analogue panel voltmeters are instruments that measure the voltage, or potential deviation, between two points in an electrical circuit. A pointer moves along a scale proportional to the voltage level of the circuit. The difference in movement indicates the potential of the electrical charge between circuit points A and B. Digital panel voltmeters do the same job, but have digital readouts.

What are analogue panel voltmeters used for?

Analogue panel voltmeters can measure voltage levels in generators or fixed machinery. They're commonly used in chemical processing plants where pressure, temperature or fluid-flow readings can be converted into voltage measurements.

Types of analogue panel voltmeters

  • Moving coil voltmeters have either permanent magnets or dynamometers as measuring components with low power consumption benefits.
  • Moving iron voltmeters can measure both AC and DC currents by producing a deflective torque. The torque-to-weight ratio is high which means increased accuracy of readings.
  • Electrostatic voltmeters measure current flow based on attracting, repulsion or symmetry between two electrically charged plates. Their benefits is the high voltage range capacity of 200KV.

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Description Price Current Type Cutout Size Cutout Height Cutout Width Maximum Displayed Value Meter Accuracy Depth Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Approvals Measurement Range Meter Type Minimum Displayed Value Series
RS Stock No. 312-909
Mfr. Part No.D96MIS300V/2-001
AC 92 x 92 mm 92mm 92mm 300V - - -25°C +40°C - - Moving Iron - -
RS Stock No. 202-798
Mfr. Part No.EQB72 MB:60V SCALA: 60V
AC 68 x 68 mm 68mm 68mm 60V Class 1.5 53mm - +23°C - 0 → 60V Moving Iron - -
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