Pressure Switches

Pressure switches work by forming an electrical contact when its input is subjected to a certain amount of fluid or air pressure.

How They Work
Pressure switches can activate with either rising or falling fluid pressure, so are essential components in any pressurized fluid system where automatic supervision is required.

Uses for pressure switches
Pressure switches are used in a variety of systems. For example, a pneumatic pressure switch would be used to automatically switch off an electric air compressor when the desired pressure had been achieved in, for instance, a car tire. Hydraulic pressure switches have a number of applications in the automotive industry, such as measuring oil levels.

The RS Range of Pressure Switches can accommodate the measuring of a variety of media, such as air and gas for pneumatic applications, and everything from oil to sea water in fluid applications.

Pressure Switch Types
There are four key variations of pressure switch available in the RS range.
• Relative or Gauge Pressure Switches are calibrated for a variety of different purposes, and measure pressure relative to a given value.
• Differential Pressure Switches are commonly used for sensing a difference in pressure between two points in a system
• Vacuum Pressure Switches provide electrical feedback to measure a rise or fall of pressure in a system.

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Description Price Pressure Range Pressure Reading Type Media Measured Output Type Supply Voltage Minimum Pressure Reading Maximum Pressure Reading Process Connection Analogue Output Electrical Connection Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Accuracy Response Time
RS Stock No. 739-6721
Mfr. Part No.PK7524
0 → 10bar Relative Gas, Liquid PNP-2NO 9.6 → 32 V dc 0bar 10bar G1/4 - M12 Connector -25°C +80°C <±2.5 % -
RS Stock No. 739-6724
Mfr. Part No.PK7521
0 → 250bar Relative Gas, Liquid 2NO 9.6 → 32 V dc 0bar 250bar G1/4 - M12 Connector -25°C +80°C <±2.5 % -
RS Stock No. 739-6715
Mfr. Part No.PK7520
0 → 400bar Relative Gas, Liquid 2NO 9.6 → 32 V dc 0bar 400bar G1/4 - M12 Connector -25°C +80°C <±2.5 % -
RS Stock No. 739-6727
Mfr. Part No.PK7523
0 → 25bar Relative Gas, Liquid 2NO 9.6 → 32 V dc 0bar 25bar G1/4 - M12 Connector -25°C +80°C <±2.5 % -