Sensor Reflectors

Sensor reflectors are used with all retro- or auto-reflective sensors and are critical for the function of the sensor. Sensor reflectors are available in a range of formats to suit different applications and environmental conditions.

Types of sensor reflectors

Most commonly sensor reflectors are square, rectangular or circular with multi-faceted surfaces to capture and return the light beam. They have single hole, dual hole or adhesive mountings and can be matched with specific sensors to optimise performance. In most situations a standard sensor reflector made from ceramic or lightweight acrylic can be used. Some sensors in industrial environments need reflectors that are made from specific materials such as stainless steel, or that have chemical- or heat-resistant properties.

How do sensor reflectors work?

Sensor reflectors are mounted in a position that allows the beam of light produced by the emitter in the sensor to bounce off the sensor reflector and return to the receiver in the sensor housing. When the beam is obstructed, it alters the output signal in the sensor, commonly triggering an alarm.

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Description Price Shape For Use With Diameter Length Width Dimensions
RS Stock No. 191-9832
Mfr. Part No.E20004
Round E3T Models 42 mm - - -
RS Stock No. 191-9860
Mfr. Part No.E20452
Rectangular Retro Reflective Sensors - 45mm 28mm 45 x 28 mm
RS Stock No. 487-959
Mfr. Part No.E21159
Rectangular O1D - 262mm 226mm 262 x 226 mm
RS Stock No. 191-9848
Mfr. Part No.E20453
Rectangular Retro Reflective Sensors - 93mm 45mm 93 x 45 mm
RS Stock No. 191-9854
Mfr. Part No.E20454
Rectangular Retro Reflective Sensors - 95mm 95mm 95 x 95 mm
RS Stock No. 158-5114
Mfr. Part No.E20005
Round Retro Reflective Sensors 80 mm - - -
RS Stock No. 191-9876
Mfr. Part No.E20003
Round Retro Reflective Sensors 20 mm - - -