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    Positioning Tables

    Positioning tables are apparatus used in power transmission to achieve a high precision linear motion.

    How do positioning tables work?

    Positioning tables typically have a conveyance apparatus where precision ball screws are used to guarantee precision from high speed to slow speed. Some positioning tables can be controlled manually by using a micrometre, while others can be automatically controlled using a motor connected to a computer or other programmable device.

    What are positioning tables used for?

    Postioning tables are mostly used in applications where repeatability and accuracy are more important than the drive train axial thrust (force acting along the axis of rotation). They are also used in less precise applications and are integral building blocks for creating systems for complete multi-axis positioning. You will find them in inspection, layout and machine operations.

    The main applications of precision tables include:

    • Measuring instruments
    • Parts manufacturing machines
    • Laser application machines
    • Semiconductor equipment
    • Automatic fabricating machines
    • Industrial robots
    • Motion picture cameras
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