Heat-Shrink & Cold-Shrink Sleeves

Heat ShrinkHeat shrink tubing is a type of extruded plastic tube that reduces in size when heated to a pre-determined shrink ratio to fit a specific application. A sleeve should be selected in a size larger than required to cover both the wire and components it is to be used with, before being shrunk to fit. Once fitted, the sleeve provides long lasting durability.Materials and TypesHeat shrink is available in various different materials, colours, sizes and shrink ratios to suit the application required. Some are available with an adhesive lining that helps to bond the tubing with the cables and components. Polyolefin is the most common material as it is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures without a restricted shelf life. They are also manufactured from PVC, fluoropolymer, neoprene and elastomeric materials. The material is often cross linked to assist with the tubing shrinking back to its original dimensions.The pre-determined shrink ratio, for example, 2:1 or 3:1, is the measurement of how small the sleeve goes in comparison to its expanded size. When the number is higher in the shrink ratio the greater the shrinkage. It allows a precise, secure fit that does not come off easily. Applications Heat shrink tubing is versatile and easy to use therefore it can be applied in an assortment of applications, the most common uses being: Electrical insulation – covering joints and repairs Strain relief – relieving pressure from the cable Wire bundling – in harness building and cable organisation Environmental and mechanical protection – preventing damage from abrasion, moisture, dust and chemicals Identification – the wide range of colours the tubing is manufactured in allows it to be used for colour coding and component ID InstallationWhen selecting the right size tubing, you should consider the maximum and minimum diameter of what you are covering. Use this information to check against the recovered diameter (the diameter after shrinking) and expanded diameter (the pre-shrinkage diameter) of the sleeve. You can cut most tubing to a suitable length using standard scissors. The unshrunk tubing can be slid over the area or objects it is to cover. Then with a hand held heat gun or heat shrink oven, the sleeve is shrunk tightly. To prevent uneven shrinkage or overheating, check the recommended heating temperature beforehand.

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Description Price Sleeve Diameter Shrunk Diameter Colour Sleeve Type Adhesive Lined Shrink Ratio Sleeve Length Material Flame Retardant Halogen Free Series Standards Met
RS Stock No. 194-6411
Mfr. Part No.339-00649
1 Bag of 50
6.35mm 1.6mm Clear Heat Shrink - 4:1 1.2 m PTFE - - TFE4 ELV
RS Stock No. 341-6060
Mfr. Part No.RNF-100-1-1/2-2-STK
38mm 19mm Red Heat Shrink No 2:1 1.2 m Polyolefin Yes No RNF-100 -
RS Stock No. 700-4734
1.6mm 0.8mm Blue Heat Shrink No 2:1 10 m Polyolefin Yes No - UL
RS Stock No. 194-6394
Mfr. Part No.301-10025
32mm 8mm - Heat Shrink Yes 4:1 1.2 m Polyolefin - Yes SA47-LA ELV
RS Stock No. 277-8036
Mfr. Part No.XFFR-15X4
38.1mm 12.7mm Black Heat Shrink No 3:1 1.2 m Polyolefin Yes Yes XFFR -
RS Stock No. 821-4926
Mfr. Part No.F2211IN CL003
BrandAlpha Wire
1 Reel of 76 Metre(s)
25.4mm 13mm Clear Heat Shrink No 2:1 76 m Polyolefin - No FIT-221 CSA, UL
RS Stock No. 399-984
Each (In a Pack of 5)
38.1mm 19.1mm Clear Heat Shrink No 2:1 1.2 m Polyolefin No Yes - BS3G 198 Part 3 11B, CSA C22.2 No. 198.1, IEC 60684-3-212 A&B, MIL SAE-AMS-DTL 23053/5 Class 1, RoHS Compliant, UL 224 VW-1 E48762, VG 95343 Part 5 A&B
RS Stock No. 244-0848
Mfr. Part No.DR-25-3/4-0-SP
1 Reel of 30 Metre(s)
19mm 9.5mm Black Heat Shrink No 2:1 30 m Elastomer Yes No DR-25 -
RS Stock No. 639-3623
Mfr. Part No.321-50190 TREDUX-HA47-19/6-PO-X-BK (10)
19mm 6mm Black Heat Shrink Yes 3.5:1 1 m Cross Linked Polyolefin - - TREDUX-HA47 -
RS Stock No. 208-8478
Mfr. Part No.HSB 187-C
4.7mm 2.4mm Clear Heat Shrink - 2:1 9.5 m Cross Linked Polyolefin Yes - Shrink-Kon -
RS Stock No. 181-8987
Mfr. Part No.F6003/8 BK016
BrandAlpha Wire
1 Reel of 45 Metre(s)
9.53mm 5.36mm Black Heat Shrink - 2:1 46 m Chlorinated Polyolefin Yes - FIT-600 AMS-DTL-23053/1 Class 1 & 2, EC 1907/2006, EU Directive 2011/65
RS Stock No. 839-5479
Mfr. Part No.F2211/8 BK103
BrandAlpha Wire
1 Box of 25
3.1mm 1.57mm Black Heat Shrink No 2:1 152 mm Cross Linked Polyolefin Yes No FIT-221 CSA, UL
RS Stock No. 481-1775
3mm 1mm Black Heat Shrink Yes 3:1 1.2 m Polyolefin Yes No - AMS-DTL-23053/4 Class 3, RoHS Compliant, UL 224 E75077 CSA C22.2 No.198.1
RS Stock No. 808-7834
Mfr. Part No.RMW-180/60-1200/ADH-0
180mm 60mm Black Heat Shrink Yes 3:1 1.2 m Polyolefin No No RMW UL
RS Stock No. 817-9056
Mfr. Part No.F221L3/64 BK001
BrandAlpha Wire
1 Reel of 304 Metre(s)
1.1mm 1mm Black Heat Shrink - 2:1 304.8 m LSZH Polyolefin - - FIT-221L -
RS Stock No. 712-3573
Mfr. Part No.308-34010 HIS-3-BAG-40/13-PO-X-MIX (10)
Each (In a Bag of 10)
40mm 13mm Assorted Heat Shrink - 3:1 200 mm Polyolefin Yes - HIS-3 BAG -
RS Stock No. 894-7938
Mfr. Part No.RNF-100-3/8-BK-SP
1 Reel of 60
9.5mm 4.8mm Black Heat Shrink No 2:1 121 m Polyolefin Yes No RNF-100 AMS-DTL-23053/5, CSA, E35586, LR31929, MIL-DTL-23053/5, MIL-I-23053/5, RoHS Complaint, UL Recognisation, VDE 0341 Pt 9005
RS Stock No. 829-6098
Mfr. Part No.315-13011 TA37 120-45-PO-X-BK (5)
120mm 45mm Black Heat Shrink Yes 3:1 1.2 m Polyolefin Cross Linked (POX) Yes - TA37 -
RS Stock No. 187-1428
Mfr. Part No.342-10020 PST-H-6.4/3.2-POA-BK (50)
6.4mm 3.2mm Black Heat Shrink - 2:1 50 m - - - PST-H VG95343 Type D
RS Stock No. 234-4920
Mfr. Part No.RNF 3000-6/2-9
6mm 2mm White Heat Shrink No 3:1 1.2 m Polyolefin Yes No RNF-3000 UL
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