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    Control Cable

    Control cables industrial cables used in automation and control applications. There are five main types of control cable which are standard multicore industrial cable, CY cable, SY cable, YY cable and security and alarm cable.

    RS offer an extensive selection of high-quality cables from leading brands including Lapp, Alpha Wire, Belden, CAE Groupe and of course RS PRO. Our cables are available in a range of CSA sizes, sheath/jacket materials, lengths and colours. We also have cables with or without screening

    Multi-core Cable

    Multicore industrial cables have varying degrees of flexibility and their robust design makes them ideal for harsh industrial environments where high volume cabling is required. Multicore industrial cables are used to transmit data, signal and power in the same cable to equipment and machinery.

    CY Cable

    CY cables are screened flexible control cables typically used in applications reliant on interference-free transmission. In industries where interference can impact signalling transmission. A reliable cable is needed for accurate transmission even in areas where electromagnetic fields are generated. CY cable features a multicore flex, tinned copper wire braid and polyethene terephthalate (PET) separator which protects it from external electromagnetic influences.

    SY Cable

    SY Cable is an armoured flexible control cable designed for measuring control or regulation under tough mechanical stresses. SY cable uses a galvanised steel braided multicore cable protected by a transparent sheath. Stronger than CY and YY cables, this SY cable is widely used in installations where free movement is required without tensile stresses.

    YY Cable

    YY control cable is a highly flexible unshielded multicore power and signal control cable able to support a range of applications including engineering, plant installations, car production, bottling plants and many more. It is made up of plain electrolytic fine copper wire strands with PVC-based insulation. Suitable for outdoor use when protected from direct sunlight and indoors in dry or moist conditions.

    Security & Alarm Cable

    Security alarm cable is a type of shielded cable used to connect security systems. The sheath provides protection against frequency interference, which could otherwise cause false alarms to occur. Security alarm cables consist of several strands of wire, all contained within a protective sheath.

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