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    EV Connectors

    Electric vehicle connectors, or EV connectors, enable the connection of an electric vehicle to a power supply. With the increasing popularity of hybrid and electric cars, demand for electric vehicle connectors and charging cables has never been higher. Whether for domestic vehicle charging purposes, or commercial installations, the RS range of EV connectors has an option to suit your application.

    EV connector types include the male charger connector which plugs into the charger socket, and the vehicle side connector which plugs into the vehicle's socket. Some EV connectors come with cables. Electric vehicle cables have two modes. Mode 2 charging cables are typically used for domestic charging and Mode 3 charging cables are typically used in charging stations.

    Types of Electric Vehicle Connector

    • EV Type 1 connector - With a maximum charging level of 7.4kW, this single phase EV connector has 5 pins.
    • EV Type 2 connector - This triple-phase EV connector is commonly used in European regions. Type 2 typically charges up to 22 kW domestically and 43 kW in public charging stations. CCS - A combination plug, or combined charging system, that expands on the typical type 2 plug by offering additional power contacts for quicker charging. Type 2 connectors have 7 pins.
    • HEV UPC Connector - A universal power connector for hybrid electric vehicles as well as electric vehicles.
    • CHAdeMO connectors are used in DC rapid charge points, mainly in the UK. CHAdeMO is the original DC connector and has a typical power rating of 50kW.
    • CCS (Combined Charging Systems) are high power connectors that have a maximum charge level of up to 350kW.

    Manual Service Disconnects

    An essential tool for service technicians that provides protection when working with high voltage electric vehicles. The Manual Service Disconnect operates as a tool-free way to remove the high voltage battery pack while protecting it from short circuit. This tool is also commonly used by emergency response teams.

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