HDMI Adapters

HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) adapters are designed to transmit high definition audio and video signals. These signals are then transferred between HDMI compatible devices such as computer monitors, video projectors, televisions, or digital audio devices.

For devices with an HDMI port, the connection is simply connecting a cable. However, a number of accessories are available to help customize HDMI connectivity to meet special specifications with HDMI adapters, for better quality connection its best to use gold plated connectors.

Portable devices may have a smaller version of the HDMI port, which requires an adapter. Many older products with connectors that can be adapted to HDMI with the use of adapters or converters.

What types of connectors can convert to HDMI?


Digital Video Interface (DVI) provides high-quality connections between digital displays. Both signals are digital, so an HDMI to DVI conversion cable will need installing. However the HDMI can carry both video and audio signals, DVI can only transport video with audio cables needed. The adapters can connect devices such as DTV's, plasma displays, LCD TVs, and projectors to digital sources such as DVD players, set-top boxes.


Video Graphics Array (VGA) is more complex than the DVI to HDMI due to VGA signals being analog. They are designed for use with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers for resolutions up too 1080p. This cable is ideal if you wish to use Apple TV with an older VGA equipped monitor.


DisplayPort adapter allows the streaming of audio and video from a laptop or tablet to an HD TV. Simply connect the cable to the DisplayPort of the source device and the HDMI connector to the digital display. Another variant is Mini DisplayPort, which supports 1080p with video mirroring and extended desktop modes.

Connecting with Different Sizes of HDMI Cables

There are three types of HDMI connectors, Type A being the most popular and standard size. It contains 19 pins, with a 13.9 mm outside width of the male connector.

With HD capable portable devices, it has brought about two smaller connector sizes, which contain 19 pins just like the standard HDMI adapter.

Type C is widely known as Mini-HDMI, where it's common in devices like smartphones and smaller tablets.

Type D is the newest variant, known as Micro-HDMI, its just 6.4 mm wide. Used in smartphones and tablets brand new to the market.

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