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    Magnetic Connectors

    Magnetic connectors are an electrical connection method that relies on a magnetic force to both make and maintain a connection. The two parts, both the plug and the socket have corresponding magnets or magnetic faces that enable a self-aligning connection to be made allowing the connectors pins to mate. 

    Often found on portable devices, magnetic connectors can allow for easy break-away connections such as in laptops or tablets that may be in use while on charge but if moved with force or if a cable is caught and pulled the connection is easily broken to protect both the cable and the device. Many modern computer and tablet chargers feature this user-friendly connection that provides a high-quality connection whilst ensuring safe usage.

    Types of Magnetic Connector

    There are various types of connector available, the most common variable within magnetic connectors is the number of ways. Similar to the number of pins, number of ways referees to the number of contact points on the face of the connector. Ensuring you select the correct number and layout of ways when purchasing a replacement connector is key in enabling a reliable connection. 

    Connectors can also come in both straight and right angle orientations along with different mounting styles. Some magnetic connectors will be panel or PCB mount whilst others are cable mountable such as those used as an electrical connector in portable electronic device chargers and in other applications where break-away connections are a more suitable solution.

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