Photodiodes are used in an array of every day electronic devices such as camera's, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, safety equipment, medical applications, CD players and surveying instruments to name a few.

What is a photodiode?

They are used as light sensors or detectors. When light reaches a photodiode, this is converted to electrical energy in the form of an electric current. The photocurrent that is produced is proportional to the amount of light. Photodiodes can also be known as photosensors, photodetectors and light detectors.

Photonic applications use the photon in the same way as electronic applications use the electron. There is usually a small amount of electric current that flows through these photosensitive devices even when no light (photons) are entering it. This is known as dark current.

What are the different types?

The PN photodiode was the first to be developed, it is not so widely used these days due to their relatively low performance compared to newer technologies.

The PIN photodiode has a wider surface area and allows for more light photons to be collected, as well as having a lower capacitance. It is the most widely used diode today.

Avalanche photodiodes are used in areas where there is low light, it operates under a high reverse bias condition. The higher the reverse voltage, the higher the gain.

Schottky photodiode is based on the schottky diode, or shottky barrier diode. It provides additional functions over others, particularly with regards to high speed and long wavelength detection.

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Description Price Spectrums Detected Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity Package Type Mounting Type Number of Pins Diode Material Minimum Wavelength Detected Maximum Wavelength Detected Typical Fall Time Length Width Height Angle of Half Sensitivity Automotive Standard
RS Stock No. 183-7119
Mfr. Part No.OSD1-0
Each (In a Tray of 10)
Infrared 900nm TO-18 Through Hole 2 Si 350nm 1100nm - - - 0.2in - -
RS Stock No. 166-3058
Mfr. Part No.QSB34CGR
Each (On a Reel of 1000)
Infrared 940nm PLCC 2L Surface Mount 2 Si 400nm 1100nm - 4.5mm 4mm 1.2mm 60 ° -
RS Stock No. 168-5319
Mfr. Part No.SFH 235 FA
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
Infrared 900nm - Through Hole 2 Si 740nm 1120nm - 5.1mm 3.1mm 7.2mm 65 ° -
RS Stock No. 768-9414
Mfr. Part No.VBPW34SR
Each (In a Bag of 5)
Infrared, Visible Light 940nm Reverse Gullwing Surface Mount 2 Si 430nm 1100nm - 4.4mm 3.9mm 1.2mm ±65 ° -
RS Stock No. 183-7127
Mfr. Part No.PIN-44DP
Each (In a Tray of 10)
Infrared 970nm TO-8 Through Hole 2 Si 350nm 1100nm - - - 0.205in - -
RS Stock No. 176-9781
Mfr. Part No.FCI-InGaAs-120
- 1700nm TO-46 Through Hole 3 InGaAs 900nm 1700nm 0.3 (Maximum)ns - - 3.75mm - -
RS Stock No. 846-727
Mfr. Part No.OSD100-E
Visible Light - - Through Hole - Si - - - - - 12.7mm - -
RS Stock No. 652-027
Mfr. Part No.QD7-5T
Infrared, Visible Light 340nm TO-5 Through Hole - Si 430nm 900nm - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 183-7147
Mfr. Part No.FCI-InGaAs-300
Infrared 1700nm TO-46 Through Hole 3 InGaAs 900nm 1700nm 1.5ns - - 2.68mm - -
RS Stock No. 146-2108
Mfr. Part No.QSD2030F
Each (In a Bag of 250)
- 880nm - Through Hole 2 Si 700nm 1100nm - - - 8.77mm 20 ° -
RS Stock No. 183-7141
Each (In a Tray of 10)
- 970nm TO-18 Through Hole 3 Si 350nm 1100nm - - - 0.14in - -
RS Stock No. 165-2428
Mfr. Part No.BPW34
Each (On a Reel of 3000)
Infrared, Visible Light 900nm - Through Hole 2 Si 430nm 1100nm - 4.5mm 4.3mm 2mm 65 ° -
RS Stock No. 188-6588
Mfr. Part No.AFBR-S4N66C013
Visible Light 420nm CSP Surface Mount 32 Si 300nm 900nm 56ns 6.14mm 6.14mm 0.3mm - -
RS Stock No. 848-6291
Mfr. Part No.APD10-8-150-T52
Infrared 800nm TO-52 Through Hole 3 Si 600nm - - - - 3.25mm - -
RS Stock No. 183-7129
Mfr. Part No.PIN DL-10
Each (In a Tray of 10)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 415-5722
Mfr. Part No.S1223-01
Infrared, Ultraviolet, Visible Light 960nm TO-5 Through Hole 2 Si 320nm 1100nm - 9.1mm 9.1mm 4.1mm - -
RS Stock No. 165-6174
Mfr. Part No.BPW46
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
- - - Through Hole - - - - - 5mm 3mm 6.4mm - -
RS Stock No. 170-9644
Mfr. Part No.BPW 34 FSR-Z
Each (On a Reel of 1500)
- 950nm DIL Surface Mount 2 Si - 950nm 0.02µs 4.5mm 4mm 1.2mm ±60 ° -
RS Stock No. 145-2199
Mfr. Part No.BPV23F
Each (In a Bag of 1000)
Infrared 950nm Side Looker Through Hole 2 Si 870nm 1050nm - 4.5mm 5mm 6mm 60 ° -
RS Stock No. 124-7166
Mfr. Part No.S3932
Infrared 920nm - Through Hole 4 - 320nm 1100nm - 15.2mm 0.7mm 1.5mm - -
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