Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Storage is key within any industrial or commercial work place. Warehouses and factories with large quantities of light and heavy goods require adequate space to conduct their business at a smooth and uninterrupted pace. With the correct storage, using products such as enclosures or bins, any work place will thrive through a great organisation process.

Material handling is another strong area within industrial environments, correct equipment to transport and manoeuvre goods within large spaces guarantees stronger productivity. Especially using tools like pallet trucks or carts.

What types of storage solutions are within our offer?

If storage is an area you're looking to improve, a bulky selection of enclosures, shelves, cabinets and drawers can provide an excellent solution to poorly organised environments. As an example, some of the different storage products we have available are.
  • PCB, General purpose and hand held enclosures
  • PC cases
  • Storage bins
  • Wall boxes and cabinets
  • Shelf systems
  • Structural systems and aluminium profiles

What kind of options are available for the correct handling of goods?

The handling of materials falls into more areas than the standard pump truck or forklift. Unmanned factory floors require smooth and efficient conveyor belts and rollers. Where as warehouses will need the correct lifting equipment for staff, ensuring health and safety regulations are also met. As an example, some of the material handling options available include.

  • Trolleys and carts
  • Bungee cords
  • Load nets
  • Lifting tables and straps
  • Suction lifters

Why choose RS Components?

With a delicate process of moving expensive or dangerous materials around a work space, reliability is always going to be the number one priority. As a company, this is something we will provide, working with highly respected and reliable suppliers, RS Components provides excellent solutions to the transport and lifting of materials. And also the correct and efficient storage of multiple items.

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