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    Effective waste management has never been so important. With our ever-increasing amount of waste produced on a daily basis, it is vital that we dispose of it safely and hygienically. Our range of bin bags, refuse sacks and bin liners ensure you can recycle and dispose of your rubbish efficiently.

    Why do you need to use them?

    Using them help you to sort your waste easily. Bin bags and liners help us to separate our rubbish into general waste and items that can be recycled. They also help in keeping the workplace and home clean and tidy.

    What type of bin bag do I need?

    First, you need to think about the type of rubbish and how you are going to separate it. Disposal of general rubbish, food waste and recyclable materials would all be dealt with differently. Don't worry, there is a bin bag for every eventuality.Black Bin BagsBlack bags and refuse sacks are typically used for rubbish that can't be recycled. Made from durable plastic these bags are stronger than other types of bin bag and would generally have a drawstring or tie handle. Black bin bags come in a range of capacities (litres) and are normally used inside a dustbin, kitchen bin or a wheelie bin.Clear Bin BagsClear bags are often found in the workplace and are used for the disposal of dry mixed recyclable materials. The bags are transparent, so it is easy to see that the contents have not been contaminated with general refuse. Items suitable for clear bin bags are:Newspapers, magazines and office paper.Corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes.Clean plastic drinks bottles, salad trays and plastic microwave meal trays.Clean metal cans and food tins.Speciality Bin BagsSometimes you may have the need to get rid of things that aren't classed as general or recyclable refuse. Clinical waste and other harmful products must be separated into a special clearly marked, often colour-coded bags. This type of refuse would also need to be disposed of in the appropriate way.Compostable Bin LinersCompostable bin liners or caddy liners are specifically used for the collection of leftover food. These bags are biodegradable and are used to line small plastic containers called a caddy.Wheelie Bin LinersThese bags or sacks are heavy-duty and are much larger than normal bags. They line the inside of a wheelie bin which helps to keep it clean and free from odour.Kitchen Bin Liners and Swing Bin LinersThese liners are used in household pedal bins and swing bins to collect general debris and refuse. Usually sold on a roll or in packs with the bin capacity clearly marked.

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