Levelling & Vibration Control

Levelling and anti-vibration technology is designed to resolve vibration, noise and shock problems experienced by industrial and power generation equipment.

The importance of levelling and anti-vibration equipment

Equipment and machines that are subjected to a lot of noise, heat, shocks and vibrations can get badly damaged, which not only affects the lifespan of machinery, but also efficiency and safety. This often leads to equipment needing more frequent repairs and replacements, which can be costly.

This can cause a lot of damage to machinery in the long run, which is why levelling and vibration control is important to help keep machines working effectively for longer. It also prevent vibrations from impacting surrounding machines and structures.

Levelling and vibration control systems are used for many types of equipment including generators, pumps, motors and HVAC equipment.

Benefits of levelling and vibration control

Reducing premature failure of equipment by providing shock absorption and vibration dampening, plus help processes run more smoothly and quietly.

Having the right type of vibration control is vital for any piece of machinery to run effectively, which is why there’s a variety of anti-vibration products available to suit different machines and accommodate different weights and environments.

What’s more, as regulations and customer demands become stricter, the need for high-quality, durable and effective anti-vibration mounts continues to rise.

We offer an extensive range of products to help – choose from vibration isolators, rubber mounts, wire rope mounts, conical mounts, machine feet and more. Browse solutions from industry leading brands, as well as our own high-quality range RS PRO.