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    Spring Pins

    Spring pins (also known as roll pins or tension pins) are a type of fastener that lets you securely fix various parts of a machine together acting as a self-retaining fastener between the parts. The spring pins diameter is bigger than the diameter of the hole it will be inserted into.

    RS have a great range of fasteners including spring pins which come in various lengths with diameters from 2 mm to 5 mm which feature great strength and flexibility.

    Types of Spring Pins

    Coiled - popular self container fastener and features a coiled spring that expands when placed into a hole. Can absorb shock and vibration

    Slotted spring pins - also referred to as C pins and feature rolled strips of metal materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium that have a slot which lets the pin flex and expand when inserted into a hole. 

    How do Spring Pins work?

    Spring pins have a spring that compress and expands once it has been inserted into a hole, causing the spring pin to compress against the sides of the hole. They hold their position by spring tension.

    Typical Applications

    Spring pins are a common type of mechanical fastener and can be found in various applications including:

    • Machinery
    • Furniture
    • Cars
    • Electrical industries
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