Kettles & Water Boilers

A kettle is a plastic or metal Vessel with a handle, spout and lid. Kettles are used to boil smaller amounts of water.
Why do you need it?
Kettles (rather than a hot water boiler) are a more efficient way to boil water for areas with fewer people to cater for. Kettles are used in homes, small offices and break areas.
Different types
Corded - Corded kettles are hard wired with a length of electrical cable terminated directly into the back of the kettle. Corded kettles do not have a base to stand on.
Cordless – Cordless kettles have a base where the kettle rests. The electrical cable is terminated into the resting base.
Cooker top – Cooker top kettles are always made of metal and are placed directly on to the source of heat (gas or electric ring)

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Description Price Type Cordless Kettle Capacity Power Colour/Finish Height Length Weight Width
RS Stock No. 788-4619
BrandRS Pro
Kettle Yes 1.7L 1200W White - - - -
RS Stock No. 124-3834
Mfr. Part No.22679301
SensaBoil No 5L 3kW Chrome 457mm 195mm 8kg 358mm