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    Printer Paper

    Printer paper is the paper you will normally find and use within receipt or label machines that typically print a small piece of paper and high speeds.

    How does it work?

    Printer paper is installed into its designated device and works like a typical printer would, reacting from a computer system or point of sale device that feeds in information to the printer that then prints onto the paper.

    Types of printer paper

    Thermal printer paper

    Thermal printer paper is a special fine paper, coated with chemicals to change the colour when exposed to heat. The input from the printers ink and heat creates a reaction with the paper, the outcome of which we see is printed text upon the paper or receipt.

    Features and benefits

    • Easy to install

    • Compact, easy to store away

    • Fast printing action for quick receipts

    • Cost effective

    • Lightweight

    Where might I use Thermal printer paper?

    • For your business, typically a POS machine that prints out customer receipts

    • Home – to keep track of your own receipts

    • Office – keep a record of paid outs and invoices

    Linerless labels/paper –

    The other type of printer paper is linerless paper or labels. These labels, much like the thermal paper, are commonly found on receipts or invoices with the notable difference that they have a sticky adhesive on the rear side of the label that can be used to affix it to the desired area.

    Features and benefits

    • Sticky adhesive back for easy securement and placing

    • Permanent, removable and repositionable adhesives

    • Release coating on the front of the face to prevent sticky adhesive impairing the rest of the roll

    Where might I use linerless printer paper?

    • Packing/distribution centres

    • Postal service industries

    • Office

    • Home

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