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    Shielding Cages

    Shielding cages also commonly known as a faraday cage, is an enclosure that cancels out and shields the interior of the cage from any external electromagnetic fields by distributing them around the cage exterior.

    The faraday cage can be used to provide superior protection from sensitive electronic equipment from external RFI, EMI radiation, as well as protecting against electrical currents and electrostatic discharges. These cages are made from conductive material types and can take on different compositions such as a complete enclosed covering or a mesh type of material cage.

    These cage systems offer higher shielding effectiveness, they are made from a solid construction resisting damage and often come as a two piece design to enable repairs to take place without having to completely remove the shield, saving both time and reducing repair damage.

    Modern faraday cages offer the shielding needed to meet different requirements such as free standing laboratories, EMI/RFI shielded server rooms, they provide rooms easily constructed and fit for individual design, situation and purpose, dependant upon your specific shielding requirements.

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