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    Pneumatic Rotary Unions

    Pneumatic rotary unions, also known as rotary joints, are fittings used in pneumatic systems to enable rotation between parts. Pneumatic rotary fittings sit between a stationary part and a moving part. They allow compressed air or gases to flow easily from one part to another, and through to the rest of the pneumatic system. An example would be for the rotary union to sit between a pneumatic tube and a rotating drum.

    Pneumatic rotary unions can be used in high-pressure environments and are designed to be able to withstand constant movement. They are generally made from stainless steel as it is also corrosion resistant.

    Rotary unions consist of:

    • Housing
    • Shaft
    • Bearing
    • Seal

    How does a pneumatic rotary union work?

    Rotary unions act as an interface between the static and moving parts. Gas enters the pneumatic rotary union and is held within the union as it rotates. Once the openings of the valve meet, the gas is released from the fitting.Once it has left, more gas can enter the rotary union, and the process is repeated.

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