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    Air Drills

    Use Air Drills to drill holes driven by compressed air. They are used by technicians and engineers but are also suitable for DIY enthusiasts. Our range includes leading brands such as Bahco, PREVOST and RS PRO.

    Why choose an Air Drill?

    Air drills are generally lighter and more compact than electrical drills, they are easy to operate and more durable. Air drills contain much fewer internal components and when linked with a quality air compressor provide great results.

    Air drills also have lower vibrations than electric drills, which makes them more user-friendly and safer to use. There is no risk of spark, short-circuiting or electrocution. Air drills also have a higher weight to power ratio, allowing smaller, lighter tools to accomplish the same tasks as much larger electrical equivalents.

    Air Drill Types

    • Angled
    • Reversible

    Features & Benefits

    Free Speed (RPM) – this value reflects the maximum number of rotates per minute that the drilling head can produce.

    Air Pressure (psi/bar) – the pressure that needs to be delivered to the tool by the compressor to meet a desired level of drilling.

    Air Consumption (cfm/scfm or m3 /min) –this value represents the quantity of compressed air that passes through a drilling set over a unit of time, usually a minute. More powerful drills need more air to be delivered to the tool to support a proper operation.

    Uses for Air Drills

    • Automotive maintenance
    • Tyre work
    • Heavy machinery
    • Working with flammable materials - no sparks

    Consider our full range of Air Tools to complete your kit, fit for any workshop or garage.

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