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    Power Sanding Sheets & Belts

    Sanding belts and sheets for sanding machines require added durability over a normal sheet of sandpaper or sanding disk and are made with a material backing to withstand the additional stress, heat and wear when being used in a machine. Belt sanders use a variety of length and width belts so understanding the exact size your tool or machine requires is key to ensuring a safe working environment. Sanding sheets are usually used for oscillating or orbital sanders and come in a range of shapes and sizes in packs to suit different sanders. Whether you need a sheet unpunched or punched for dust extraction or one of many sheet shapes including rectangular, triangular and disc, at RS we have you covered with a quality range.

    How to use a Sanding Sheet

    Sanding sheets can be used for hand or power sanding where they are attached to a power tool such as an orbital sander. Hand sanding gives a lighter touch to the material being sanded. Power sanding sheets are fitted onto a power tool to quickly get rid of blemishes, shaping and levelling wood or preparing metal surfaces for painting.

    Abrasive materials

    • Aluminium Oxide - The most common in modern use, with the widest variety of grits, and the lowest unit cost; can be used on metal (i.e. body shops) or wood. Ideal for profiled surfaces, deburring and de-rusting metal. Long-lasting, used for hand or power sanding.
    • Silicon Carbide - available in coarse grits all the way through to micro grits, common in wet applications.

    Grits & Grades

    A variety of grits and grades provide different levels of material removal, RS has a vast range of grits to suit all applications.

    • Fine for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, not suitable for removing varnish or paint from wood, used for cleaning plaster and water stain from woodCoarse for Rapid removal of material.
    • Medium for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, for gentle removal of varnish, also used for skateboard grip tapVery fine for sanding bare wood.
    • Coarse for the swift removal of material, and the initial sanding of hardwood floors.
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