Safety Boots & Safety Shoes

Safety boots and safety shoes are vital personal protection equipment, both for protection in hazardous environments and for protection against impact. Whether you’re handling heavy objects, or working with chemicals, appropriate foot protection is a standard requirement in many work environments.

The RS Components range of protective footwear includes high quality safety boots and shoes from leading brands, to suit all applications.

Toe Protection

Perhaps the most common kind of safety footwear, safety shoes and boots with re-enforced toe caps protect your feet from impact. As such, they are required where hazardous terrain or the handling of heavy objects is required. Steel toe cap boots are typically used in warehouse and delivery, where there is a higher chance of heavy objects falling onto your feet.

Heavy Duty Protection

For more hazardous environments, sturdier protective footwear is required. The RS Components range offers cut proof, penetration proof and abrasion proof boots. These boots can offer protection in potentially dangerous fields such as landscaping and tree surgery, or wherever heavy machinery is operated. Shock proof footwear is also available to provide protection against vibration.

Chemical and Liquid Resistance

Water proof boots might ensure comfort and safety in adverse weather or wet work place environments, but sometimes more robust liquid protection is required. The RS range offers boots, shoes and wellingtons with resistance against oils and chemicals that would corrode lesser footwear. With acid and even fat resistance available, there is footwear available to meet the most challenging health and safety demands.

Comfort and Safety

For lighter safety demands more comfortable footwear is available. Whether a safety trainer with polymer re-enforced toes, or anti-slip soles for where workplace floors might be damp, safety footwear doesn’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable.

Specialist Environment

Safety footwear is also important in the laboratory, and anti-bacterial and ESD safe footwear is also available.

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