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    First Aid Equipment

    Our comprehensive selection of first aid equipment covers everything from biohazard and sharps disposal, defibrillators, emergency eyewash and shower stations, or first aid tools aimed at safely and comfortably protecting and transporting a colleague who's had an accident or become ill.

    First aid equipment is something that every workplace should invest in the best equipment and understand how to properly use it. Regardless of the specific industry, or the perceived level of risk to individuals from the immediate environment they're operating in.

    Types of first aid equipment available

    You can always buy with confidence from us, as we're pleased to stock first aid equipment from a variety of trusted global brands such as Hughes, RS PRO and Schiller. Our range includes:

    • Defibrillators - life-saving devices used when a person's heart rhythm is affected, most commonly in cardiac arrest. It sometimes forms part of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation process (CPR). Defibrillators work by providing an electrical shock to the heart muscle. This shocks the muscle with the aim of re-establishing a normal rhythm, this process is called defibrillation.
    • Sharps Disposal- safely remove biohazard material and needles or sharp objects using sharps bins and disposal kits to reduce the risk of injury and spreading infections.
    • Eyewash & Emergency Showers- used to rinse out eyes or skin in the event of hazardous materials coming into contact with them. Safety showers allow large amounts of water to quickly wash chemicals from skin or clothing at high pressure. Eyewash stations and units work similarly to safety showers, but as they're designed for use with eyes they have a lower rate of pressure so they do not further damage the eyes.
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