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    Entrance Mats

    The most common cause of injury at work is slips and trips and, on average, they cause forty per cent of all reported major injuries. Floor protection, such as entrance, door & walkway mats, help reduce these injuries by allowing you to wipe excess moisture from your feet when entering a building. This reduces the chance of slipping or leaving behind residue which someone else could slip on.

    What are entrance, door & walkway mats used for?

    Entrance, door & walkway mats can prevent slippery floor conditions caused by moisture tracked in by pedestrian traffic. Moisture-absorbent mats with bevelled edges trap the liquid, preventing it from pooling. Pools of liquid reduce the friction between the floor and a person's shoes making it harder to grip and easier to fall. Floor mats should also have backing material that will not slide on the floor or else they will themselves be an additional hazard.

    Types of entrance door mats

    Entrance walkway mats vary in material, thickness, colour, and size. Larger mats are suitable for use in high volume traffic areas. Entrance mats can be placed indoors or outdoors, whichever is more suitable for the desired location. Cable mats are designed to cover cabling that lies across a pedestrian area protecting you from trip hazards and normally include an integrated cable run.

    What are entrance, door and walkway mats made of?

    Floor mats are normally made from carpet material with a backing material made from PVC, rubber and polypropylene. The backing material is an added floor protection. For industrial use, rubber mats are ideal and can be used indoors and outdoors and normally include built in holes for catching grit, dirt and other debris.

    Specialist floor mats

    Specialist floor & door mats are used for a specific purpose such as clean rooms, hospitals or food environments plus, can be used in heavy traffic areas. The floor mats have an adhesive sticky surface attracting and containing dirt used indoors only. These mats are available in layered pads allowing you to peel off a sheet when soiled leaving you with a clean surface. Refill pads are available for these floor mats.

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