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    Temporary Floor Protection

    Temporary floor protection is an ideal temporary solution for protecting your floor from damage caused by high foot traffic or in a special event.

    Floor protection can be used in a variety of places and situations, such as an entrance to a reception area in a school or restaurant. A sports hall or gym, during building work or a construction project, for the protection of a new floor when decorating, or in a hallway or a room at home during a DIY project as well as numerous other places.

    Temporary hard floor protection or soft floor protection may be ideal and needed for a variety of different reasons... External ground protection floor tiles are a great way to move equipment around a construction site to prevent damage to lawns and pathways. Raised floor protection is ideal for using in early construction projects to prevent from any damage that may be accidentally caused whilst work is in progress. Stone or ceramic floor tiles can scratch or chip and can be difficult to repair. Wood flooring is expensive and can easily be scratched or damaged by accident. Carpets are also expensive to replace and can be ruined by spills and dirt.

    Floor protection is usually made from heavy duty polyethylene or PE and is a type of thermoplastic that is extremely durable and perfect for preventing damage to hard floors or carpets. It keeps out dirt and water, as well as its adhesive nature attracting dust and dirt particles. It is an ideal solution to protect and give internal floor coverings a greater lifespan.

    Temporary floor protection or protectors can be used on hard floor or soft flooring such as carpets. The temporary floor lies flat to prevent tripping and is anti-slip ensuring everyone is kept safe. The flooring can be supplied in polythene sheeting, cotton dust sheeting, a film, corrugated plastic protection boards commonly known as Correx which are water-proof, in packs, rolls and even adhesive tapes. Many of these are simple peel and place to install, self-adhesive, insulated against electricity, non-staining, easily replaced and very easy to remove once you have finished with them. They all come with different measurements and thicknesses (mm) available, dependent upon the requirements you need for your floor or carpet protection.

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