Non Contact Voltage & Magnetic Field Indicators

Non-contact voltage detectors are a highly reliable and safe way to detect live wires and conductors without coming into contact with them. They can be used in a wide range of environments due to their compact and portable design, making them perfect for working on the go.

Non-contact voltage & magnetic field indicators feature a wide range of features to enhance the user experience, making it easier to identify live currents and magnetic fields. LED lights are often included to indicate when the device is in contact with a live voltage, in some cases this is also accompanied with a beeping noise.

How do they work?

Also known as a voltage detector, voltage tester pens, sensors or test pens. They allow the user to test electrical conductors without touching them. Non-contact testers are the safest and easiest way to detect electric fields or voltage. Voltage testers utilise what is called capacitive coupling, the user holding the instrument provides a ground reference. The tester then detects changing electric field around the object or objects conducting an AC current (Alternating current). Simply put, the user and the tester pen when near the electrical conductor will cause a small current to flow through the tester from the source, this is how it detects AC voltage.

At RS, we offer a wide range of reliable non-contact voltage testers suitable for DIY enthusiasts at home to electrical engineers. The user-friendly devices ensure quick and efficient testing of voltage in a range of applications and can be used by anyone from a homeowner carrying out renovations to an electrical engineer.

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Description Price Indicator Type Magnetic Sensitivity Battery Type Audible Tone ATEX Approval Power Source Safety Category Dimensions Weight Diameter Height Length Maximum Detection Voltage Maximum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 146-8046
Mfr. Part No.37872
BrandWiha Tools
Non Contact Voltage - AAA - - Battery CAT III 1000 V ac - 76g 4.2mm - 149mm 230 → 1000V ac -
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