Laboratory Equipment

We offer an advanced selection of professional quality laboratory equipment, clinical measuring/dispensing accessories, and multifunction lab devices. Our carefully sourced product range from leading laboratory equipment manufacturers covers a wide variety of lab machines, containers and consumables - many of which we’re able to offer under our own quality brand RS PRO. 

Types of laboratory equipment available

Our wide range of lab equipment includes beakers, flasks, jugs, pipettes and scoops as well as ultrasonic cleaning tanks and accessories. Popular product areas include:

  • Hot plates and stirrers - Many scientific applications involving precision heating or monitoring of lab chemicals, ingredients and glassware.

    • Hot plates can be equipped with analogue or digital temperature controls for superb accuracy

    • Choose between silicon, metal or ceramic heating plates, according to the types of equipment you’ll be using

    • Consider device size, power, and maximum temperature settings when choosing a hot plate or magnetic stirrer for the lab processes you'll be performing

  • Jugs, beakers, laboratory cylinders and pipettes - Jugs and beakers are broadly suitable for a very wide range of stirring, mixing, measuring and liquid analysis tasks, with the best choice depending on the contents and processes involved in your lab testing. Choose from various shapes and capacities, including:

    • Standard or low-form (Griffin) beakers

    • Tall-form (Berzelius) beakers

    • Flat beakers or crystallisers

    • Graduated cylinders

    • Graduated pipettes and lab cylinders offer more precise measurement of liquid, reagent or specimen volumes

  • Laboratory bottles and scoops - Available in a selection of materials and bottle types, including:

    • HDPE (low cost, leakproof, good chemical compatibility with acids, bases, alcohols and esters)

    • LDPE (less strong/dense, but more squeezable and can handle more rapid temperature changes than HDPE)

    • PP (cost-effective, strong yet flexible, good chemical resistance to many bases and acids)

  • Ultrasonic cleaners. baths, and tank accessories - Extremely handy for deep-cleaning dirt, grease or corrosion from lab equipment and supplies. They work via acoustic cavitation caused by sound waves and are best used with various specialised ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

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