Pipettes are narrow glass, polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) tubes, which are open at both ends and used to transfer and/or measure liquids by drawing the liquid into the tube. Manual pipettes use separate bulbs or pumps that are squeezable to draw the liquid into the tube, while semi-automatic or electronic pipettes have similar devices built into the pipette. Since laboratory testing often relies on the accuracy and high-quality in the measurement of indicators or specimens, the proper use of pipettes is crucial in the operation of an efficient laboratory.

There are two types of pipettes: volumetric and graduated. Other types of pipettes include Oswald-Folin pipettes, a type of volumetric pipette, and semi-automatic pipettes. Our range offers volumetric pipettes.

What is a volumetric pipette?

The volumetric pipette is a device that is capable of delivering only one volume of liquid. The real advantage of the volumetric pipette is that it delivers its one-volume very accurately, precisely and reproducibly. They are made from glass and have pointed tips like an eyedropper. Volumetric pipettes are usually used in analytical chemistry and are most commonly measured in ml (milliliters).

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