Magnifying Lamps

A magnifying lamp is a lamp which can be used by anyone for close up inspection, design or small part assembly work. It enables the user to effortlessly see exactly what they are doing in intricate detail due to the magnification and light.

These magnifying lamps are commonly used in many applications, such as:

  • Electronics

  • Light Industrial Work

  • Medical and Dentistry Fields

  • Design Work

  • Jewellers

  • Office Environment

  • Arts and crafts

There are different types of lamp magnifiers: floor lamps or floor-stand, desk lamps, table top lamps, magnifying glasses and even headband magnifiers. Some of these are swing arm lamps which either clamp or clip onto a desk or table using the built-in clamp and are then easily adjusted to the correct height. Other magnifying lamps are more compact with an integral base and are portable.

Most simple magnifiers have a single 4-6 dioptre lens, but different focal lengths are available. Various sized lens are available, however the increase in the size of the lens does not mean an increase in magnification. Many of these magnifying lamps have a fully adjustable arm which means the lamp head with magnifier can be moved into the required position.

Benefits of a magnifying lamp with a light?

Good lighting is essential to any task, whether you are working in daylight or when it is dark outside. As well as reducing eye strain and vision fatigue, good illumination combined with a magnifier, ensures optimum viewing for the task in hand. A magnifying lamp with a light usually has either fluorescent, halogen or LED bulbs or tubes and offers a shadow-free, consistent light, with low heat emission for comfortable working.

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Description Price Dioptre Lens Size Maximum Reach Magnifier Type Lamp Type Lamp Wattage Operating Voltage Weight Lens Diameter Lens Length Lens Width Model Number p Plug Type
RS Stock No. 394-166
- 70 x 55mm - - - - - 275g - 70mm 55mm - -
RS Stock No. 146-5496
3dioptre 115mm 390mm Integral Base - - - 716g 115mm - - - -
RS Stock No. 204-2707
Mfr. Part No.113525000-00807341
3.5dioptre 160mm - Table Clamp Mount LED 12W - - - - - MLD 750/850/D -
RS Stock No. 848-7593
Mfr. Part No.KFL026446
5dioptre - 1050mm Table Clamp Mount LED 11W 240V ac - - 235mm 190mm KFM LED ESD Type C - European Plug, Type G - British 3-pin
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