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    Tachometer Accessories

    When using a tachometer, it's important that you have the correct accessories to offer versatility for use on several applications or just to ensure precision measurements. RS of tachometer accessories for replacement or optimising, these include:

    • Replacement Tips - used with handheld tachometers for contact measurements. So, a replacement rubber tip will be needed once it's worn down to ensure precise measurements.
    • Wheels - part of a tachometer that carries out the measurements. With it rotating it can measure the distance, for example from the number of circumferences it undertakes.
    • Speed Sensor - Can be used with digital tachometers, primarily designed on speed applications. A laser pulses to determine the speed on an object, used in applications such as research, development and test applications on rotating objects.

    Why would you choose RS for Tachometer Accessories?

    RS have a range of Tachometer Accessories to ensure the upkeep of your tachometer. These accessories will allow you to continue your measurements with high accuracy. RS have technical advisors on hand for questions you may have or if you just need some advice.

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