Inspection Cameras

Inspection cameras give you the freedom to inspect and investigate areas that would normally be inaccessible. Essentially, they are a miniature camera, or probe, on a flexible cable that can be maneuvered into awkward areas. They then transmit a video feed that allows you to see a close up, real time view of inspection areas.

Whether investigating pipework, internal machinery, or even the human body, there are high quality inspection cameras available to suit your application.

The RS Components range of inspection cameras includes endoscopes and fibrescopes from leading brands, as well as a range of accessories.

What is the difference between an Endoscope and Fibrescope?

In principle, an endoscope and fibrescope are similar in that they incorporate a camera head or probe on a flexible arm that allows you feed the camera into difficult to access places. however, the two have important distinctions.

  • A fibrescope is called so as it incorporates a fibreoptic bundle to transmit visual information from the camera to either a digital screen or eye piece. They are sometimes referred to as borescopes, but typically a borescope is defined by its lack of fibre-optic technology. This means borescopes are often rigid, but can sometimes be a more cost effective solution than their fibreoptic counterparts.
  • An endoscope refers to an inspection camera that is exclusively designed for use in the human body for medical applications.
  • Applications

    Inspection cameras prove to be vital equipment in several fields.

  • Medical. Intravenously fed cameras allow doctors to examine the human circulatory system, allowing for quick and comparatively convenient inspection of the heart. Specialist endoscopes can be used for examination of human cavities and hollow organs.
  • Mechanical. A flexible inspection camera will allow an engineer to explore the intricate workings of a machine without having to dismantle it, which is extremely convenient for maintenance and repair.
  • Plumbing. Long reel, waterproof inspection cameras enable a plumber to investigate a pipe or drain to find the exact location and nature of a blockage.
  • Pest Control. Rodents and other pests frequently hide where humans can't follow. An inspection camera with a built in LED light can allow you to assess evidence of vermin in difficult to access areas such as wall cavities. Some inspection cameras can connect to a smart device or battery powered LCD screen for maximum portability.

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    Description Price Probe Length Probe Diameter Resolution Field of View Illumination Type Minimum Focus Distance Maximum Bending Radius Battery Type Housing Material
    RS Stock No. 145-7893
    Mfr. Part No.088.821A
    1.5m 6mm 640 x 480 pixels - LED - - - -
    RS Stock No. 175-8012
    Mfr. Part No.FLK-DS701
    1.2m 8.5mm 800 x 600 pixels 68° LED 10mm - Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery -
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