Cordless Drills

What is a cordless drill?Cordless drills are handheld rotary tools that can be operated using specially designed rechargeable batteries removing the need to a mains power source. A range of drill types are available to suit a multitude of jobs. Cordless drills are designed to make holes as well as loosening and tightening screws and bolts. Lighter weight and free from cables, the added manoeuvrability means working on site and in tight or restricted spaces is easier and with less fatigue. Cordless drills commonly come in four voltage ratings, 10.8V, 12V, 14.4V and 18V, these give an indication to the power of the drill, with higher voltage drills providing more power on the job.Lithium-Ion, also known as Li-ion, battery advances in recent years has allowed power tool manufacturing to advance, providing more powerful and longer lasting tools. A tools compatible batteries can come in a range of Amp Hour (Ah) capacities. This Ah capacity relates to the life of the battery while in use. Higher Ah capacity batteries last longer than those with a lower capacity. What type of drill do I need?Cordless Drill DriversDrill drivers offer two functions, the ability to drill holes in wood or metal and to drive and undo screws and bolts. Equipped with variable speeds and torque settings to ensure each job is handled safely, however, offering lower torque than on an impact or combi drills.Cordless Combi DrillsThe ability to drill wood or metal as well as to drive/undo screws, combi drills provide the ability to drill holes in masonry with a hammer action. Variable speeds with high-torque action and are suitable for use in robust applications.Cordless Impact Drill/DriverSimilar to a cordless drill driver, providing more power with a special mechanism that kicks-in to provide greater torque when working. Impact drill/drivers typically do not offer an adjustable clutch.Cordless Hammer DrillsHammer drills are a powerful drill that provide a vibrating motion. The back and forth motion combined with the drills normal rotary action allows for easier and more efficient drilling through brick and other masonry materials. Cordless Angle DrillsPrecise and powerful, designed to work efficiently in smaller spaces. Powered by rechargeable batteries. Cordless angle drills are an essential tool for any toolbox. Range varies from 10.8 V to 18 V with a choice of single- or two-hand operation. The perfect tool for drilling holes in hard to reach places.

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Description Price Voltage Rating Type Battery Type Battery Capacity Series Chuck Size Chuck Type Drilling Capacity Masonry Drilling Capacity Metal Max Speed Speed Wattage Plug Type Battery Charge Time
RS Stock No. 791-7104
Mfr. Part No.DCD785M2-XE
18V Drill Driver Li-ion 4Ah DCD 1.5 → 13mm Keyless 13 mm 13 mm 2000rpm 0 → 600 / 0 → 2000rpm 350W - -