Preparing for Back to Work

Preparing for Back to work | Stay safe in the workplace

You've already taken steps to ensure a COVID secure workplace, however, continued vigilance is required to protect everyone.

As lockdowns ease and more people head back to work, we understand how fundamental it is to ensure a comfortable and safe work environment for people.We have a range of high-quality products from leading brands to help you with everything you need for additional hygiene requirements.


Kimtech® Wettask® Roll Wiper Dispenser Bucket System

Kimtech® Wettask® Roll Wiper Dispenser Bucket System from Kimberly-Clark Professional is designed for use with a dry wiper roll and your chosen solvent, chemical or detergent to create a saturated wiper.

This ready to use system is designed to increase cleaning efficiency and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Key Hygiene Brands