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Copper Bar, 1m x 3mm Diameter x 25mm x 3mm

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Copper HDHC Rod, Bar & Sheet

A high conductivity, corrosion resistant, malleable copper in rod, bar and sheet form.


BS2874/C101 (1986), BS EN 12164 CW 004A

RS PRO Copper Rod/Sheet 1000 mm x 25 mm x 3 mm

Copper is probably the oldest metal used by humankind and does not require any additional extraction supporting many industries. From wiring, circuit board, fasteners, plumbing pipes and fittings to day-to-day devices like radiators, mirror Copper Plate and much more. They come in different sizes and shapes to support a variety of projects - BIG and small.

Today, we are proudly introducing our own branded RS PRO Copper Plate or Sheet, which is easy to cut using hand or machine tools and flame cutting methods, such as flux-cored arc welding, soldering or brazing.

The rectangular form of the Copper Rod with a length of 1000 mm provides high reliability. It improves capacitance and along with high corrosion resistance, makes this natural material an excellent raw material for manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts.

The oxygen-free Copper Wire Rod finds its place in building applications whereas antimicrobial, and biofouling resistance properties make the Rod an ideal for use in the brewing vessels.

The material is 100% recyclable, and their uniqueness stays the same for both physical and chemical properties without any harm for the Planet.

Features and Benefits

  • Our Copper Rod Sheet improves reliability and capacitance along with better thermal characteristics

  • The Rod is long-lasting material with maintenance-free

  • The metal is corrosion resistance

  • The Copper Rod formed as a sheet is relatively easy to join or install

  • The metal is antimicrobial and biofouling resistant

  • Our Rods are molecularly bonded by 99.9% of pure Copper showing significant conductivity Copper bonding

  • The material is 100% recyclable keeping all original features in place

  • The Copper Rod is easy to cut and has its position in all industries

  • Copper Bar dimensions are 1000 mm x 25 mm x 3 mm to suit different needs, regardless of the scale of your project


Coppers natural properties are widely used to make our lives comfortable and safe. Typical applications or places where the Copper Rod might be found are:

  • To make a workshop table cover

  • Mirror copper plate

  • In the motors industry

  • Circuit Board

  • Wiring

  • Building projects ( roofing or eye-catching architectural features)

  • To make different sizes of high-quality saucepans

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Radiators

  • Fasteners

  • Transmitters

  • Plumbing pipes and fittings

  • Gas plants

  • Construction and use of brewing vessels


RS PRO is our family brand to go-to and brings you a wide range for high-quality and high-value products to support your project. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product is always rigorously tested against demanding industry standards. We are only giving the RS PRO seal of approval if we are confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be convinced too.


BS2874/C101(1986); BS EN 12164 CW 004A

FormFlat Bar
Rod Diameter3mm
Tensile Strength240 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity391.1W/mK
Hardness40 to 120 HV