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    INDUSTRIAL@AMPHENOL is part of the American Amphenol Group.With over 75,000 employees at locations worldwide, we are market leaders in many areas and offer our customers the highest level of technical support, technology, logistics and service. For over 75 years, Amphenol has been a successful fastener manufacturer and first choice for leading industrial companies worldwide. One of our most important markets is industrial electronics. Our company works with leading manufacturers in a wide range of applications. These include power generation, power distribution networks, transportation, heavy equipment, automation, wireless outdoor equipment, audio and smart card readers. We enable smarter, faster and better technologies to connect custom products. The product overview highlights our primary consumer market and also provides a concise portfolio of our leading connectivity technologies.

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    Circular Connector

    eco|mate® series is one of most famous Amphenol brands

    • The eco|mate® series is one of our most famous Amphenol brands. Five sub series offer solutions based on plastic circular and metal circular connectors.
    • 11 Shell Sizes and a huge variety on connector types enable almost any configuration. Due to up to 300A, 900V and 48 poles can be used in a wide range of applications.
    • We ship one connector out of this program every 10 seconds. Most of them are used in the fields of machine building, agriculture, lighting or robotic.
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    Electric mobility

    Connectors for electric vehicles

    • High rated voltage
    • High rated current
    • High voltage connector
    • HVIL Contacts
    • Broad product portfolio
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    Connectors for electric vehicles

    Discover our variety of connectors for electric vehicles. Amphenol Industrial offers a complete solution for any EV application.

    DesignSpark is the home of our engineering community.

    ADHP_Duramate Isobus


    Derived from the popular DuraMate™ environmentally sealed connector series, Amphenol Isobus Implement Connectors are compatible to ISO 11783-2 and include field installable cable connectors and over-molded cable assemblies.

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    Ecomate c16m

    Connectors with increased flexibility

    In today´s competitive environment, any solution to increase flexibility that adapts to a customer’s needs is highly appreciated, especially if it supports a business with both technical and commercial needs.

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