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    Fibox for sustainable, recyclable, corrosion free, polycarbonate electrical enclosures

    Fibox is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide portfolio of high-performance electrical enclosures. Fibox enclosures are found protecting vital electrical equipment in many thousands of applications throughout the world. Sustainability is a driving force behind innovation and decision-making for Fibox. Their polycarbonate enclosures are 100% recyclable and made from up to 25% recycled polymer. Being moulded from high-grade technical polycarbonate, their enclosures are corrosion free and UV resistant. Polycarbonate does not delaminate over time, Fibox enclosures continue to perform after 30 years in the field, requiring little maintenance or replacement, and ensure sustainable protection even in harsh environments. Their enclosures weigh much less than steel or polyester equivalents and ensure that minimal energy is used in transportation. Key markets: Industrial automation, telecoms and Data, renewable energy, infrastructure, transportation, and environmental protection. Fibox and RS offer a market-leading range of innovative electrical enclosures, built to last but without costing the earth.

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    Fibox Electrical Enclosure Solutions

    Fibox Electrical Enclosure Solutions

    • Fibox enclosures will not corrode even in the toughest environments
    • Proven IP66 / IP67 ingress protection and up to IK10 impact resistance
    • Fully recyclable polycarbonate and ABS material
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    Fibox ARCA Cabinets

    Fibox ARCA Cabinets

    • Tough, non corroding wall and pole mounted cabinets
    • Reduce population times with innovative accessories
    • Glass reinforced polycarbonate cabinets in portrait, square, and landscape
    • IP66 ingress protection and IK10 impact resistance
    • Fully recyclable material
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    Fibox ARCA IEC Wall & Pole Mounted Cabinets

    A range of glass reinforced wall and pole mounted cabinets available in portrait, landscape and square orientations. ARCA can be wall and pole mounted. Sizes from 300x200x150mm to 800x600x300mm.