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    Sealants & Resins

    Silicone sealant & resins are typically found in construction, household, and DIY applications. They are widely used by engineers and DIY enthusiasts during waterproofing & protection tasks.

    Selecting the right resin composition and processing parameters can result in a variety of resin properties. A number of these characteristics contribute to adhesion, such as elastomer compatibility, solubility, maximum melting point, stability, and oxidation resistance.

    There is, however, no easier way to choose the right product for your material. This is why we have categorised our products, making it simple and easy to browse and select the right product you need.

    In our product range at RS, we stock high-quality products to meet the requirements of your solution from leading brands such as Dow Corning, ITW Devcon, Loctite, 3M, Rocol, Geocel, Moflash, CRC, Electrolube, Henkel, PFC Corofil, RS PRO and many more.

    Silicone Sealants

    Silicone sealant possesses a wide range of properties that make it resistant to moisture, corrosive substances, and harsh weather conditions. Strong adhesion properties make it ideal for outdoor use and it's unique in its ability to remain flexible for years to come.

    Changes that have no effect on silicone sealants

    • Temperatures low and high are not a problem for its flexibility.
    • Direct water exposure is not a problem. Unlike other materials, it doesn't shrink and the material resists mould growth.

    It is commonly utilized in PVC, wood, and aluminium joinery, bathroom fixtures, basins, and flooring.

    Worldwide, silicone sealants go by these names:

    • Silicone Mastic
    • Acetoxy Silicone Sealant
    • Neutral Silicone Sealant
    • Sanitary Silicone
    • Sanitary Silicone Sealant
    • Fire Rated Silicone Sealant
    • Rtv Silicone, Rtv Silicone Sealant
    • Glazing Silicone
    • Universal Silicone
    • Aquarium Silicone
    • Silicone caulk
    • Acrylic gap sealant
    • Silicone gap filling

    Epoxy Resins

    A resin-based adhesive, such as epoxy resin, is undoubtedly the most flexible adhesive available right now!

    Due to their good bonding properties and flexibility in achieving a wide variety of properties, they found find wide applications in applications such as automotive, industrial, aerospace, etc. The primary reason for the broad acceptance of epoxy adhesives in so many markets is their capacity to provide a good balance of handling characteristics and ultimate physical properties.

    Different Types of sealants and resins available in market

    We stock great products in categories that include:

    • Encapsulation Kits
    • Expanding Foams
    • Fillers & Putties
    • Pipe Sealants
    • Potting Compounds
    • Resins
    • Sealant
    • Sealant Removers

    Typical applications

    Sealants and resins are widely used in concrete, glass and wood. Other applications include:

    • Construction
    • Industrial
    • Aerospace industry
    • Radiators
    • Automotive industry