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    Computer Cables

    We offer a wide range of computer cable assemblies to meet any electronic application or need. Choose from Parallel, SCSI, Serial, KVM and USB types, among many others, from leading brands like Roline, FTDI Chip, Molex, Bulgin, Harting and our brand RS Pro.

    What are Computer Cable Assemblies?

    A cable assembly is a collection of wires or computer cables, arranged into one, single unit. There are two main types of wire / cable - data and power. A data cable carries informational signals from one device to another and a power cable carries electricity to a device. Several such computer cables can be grouped together to make a cable assembly, often covered in a sleeve, providing protection to the assembly as a whole. Doing this helps organize them(preventing tangling) and makes them easier to install, maintain and replace.

    Applications of Cable Assemblies:

    A firewire cable can be used in many applications and often found in construction equipment, vehicles and industrial appliances, cable assemblies can also be part of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and RF, serial, Ethernet, and high-speed connectivity applications.What are the different computer cable types? There are several different kinds of Firewire cable assemblies. We stock many including IEEE 1384 firewire cable, 6 pin firewire cable, 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cable, firewire to firewire cable, and firewire 6 pin cable.

    USB cables and USB extension cables

    The USB cables allow for simple "plug & play" connections for devices such as keyboards/mice, digital cameras, and printers. On the other hand, USB extension cables allow to extend other cable types to compatible USB cables. For example, you can find USB extension cables that can create a link in between a parallel port and a USB port.

    SATA cables

    SATA cables are quite useful with data transfer. When you need to connect your hard drive with the motherboard, you may think about using a SATA cable to get the job done. These cables usually offer data transfer speeds of 150Mbps and above.

    Digital Video & Monitor Cable Assemblies

    These cables allow different connectors at each end to connect visual displays.

    KVM Mixed Cable Assemblies

    KVM stands for Keyboard, Video & Mouse. These assemblies allow users to control multiple computers with one keyboard, video monitor and mouse set. The user would have a KVM switch to swap from one computer to the next.

    Serial Cable Assemblies

    These are used for data transfers between computers via serial communication protocols (data sent one bit at a time). Serial cable assemblies mostly use the RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) interface specifications.

    Parallel Cable Assemblies

    These connect two PCs via parallel ports. Parallel cable assemblies allow multiple data blocks to be transferred simultaneously from one device to another, which increases the overall transfer speed.

    SCSI Cable Assemblies

    You will be able to use SCSI cable in order to connect a SCSI device along with a SCSI controller. This is a flat and a wide cable. However, it is also possible for you to get them in the form of round cables. These cables usually come along with a single cable but enable multiple devices to be connected to each other.

    Computer Power Cable Assemblies

    When you want to power up a computer, you will be using computer power cables. For example, you may use power cables to connect monitors or computer power supplies directly to the wall outlet.