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    Rackmount Cases

    Rackmount cases also called rackmount enclosures, rackmount chassis, or rack cases are a special type of enclosure used for the protection of equipment when being mounted into standard 19" racking. They are designed to house devices such as routers, UPS power supplies, computers, switches, and audio equipment. Rackmounts helps you protect your PC, ensure proper cooling and keep cables organised. A rackmounted computer is kept in a secure environment to reduct the risk of physical damage or exposure to liquids whilst facilitating adequate airflow. Rack mountable PC cases are great space-saving solution as it allows you to stack PCs and servers on top of each other.

    RS offers an extensive range of high-quality rackmount cases from leading brands, including Schroff, Schneider Electric, Rittal, and of course, RS PRO. We carry quality rackmounts that are easy to install and sturdy so you can protect your PC and help to extend its lifespan in the best possible way.

    Rack Case Sizes

    Rack Unit is an industry-wide known unit of measure, often abbreviated to RU or U. A U measurement is equal to 1 3/4 inches or 44.45mm. For electronic equipment racks (e.g. 19 or 23 inches wide), the term 1U is used to define one unit of height. U is the standard unit of measure for designating the vertical usable space or height of racks (metal frame designed to hold hardware devices) and cabinets (enclosures with one or more doors). Units will be classed as 1U, 2U, 4U, and so on. Smaller rackmount cases are suitable for smaller businesses only looking to house one or two servers.

    How Do They Work?

    The front panels of rack fitting cases and enclosures are usually pre-drilled, so you can easily mount them in an industry-standard rack. They are designed with ventilation slots, usually at the top and bottom to keep your electronics cool. The cases and enclosures will also come with screws to prevent equipment from moving within the rack, and they come in different configurations.

    Configuration and Design

    Our rack cases are available in various depths and sizes giving you the opportunity to tailor and custom build a rackmount case system suited to your needs. When putting them together you should also consider enclosure accessories required to complete your component storage. Enclosure accessories are available from rack cable management, hardware, rack panels, and rails, server cabinets, rack drawers, shelves, chassis plates, server, and sub-racks.

    Applications For 19" Racking and Cases

    19" racking and rack mount case are used in a vast array of industrial and commercial applications in almost every industry. A 19" rackmount is excellent for housing single-board computers like Raspberry Pi boards. Some of the most common are in server rooms, telecommunication hubs, IT distribution offices and call centres, and automation & control lines.

    Discover RS' Range of Rackmounted Cases

    RS is a high-service distributor with over 500,000 products available for purchase globally. Browse our range of other enclosures and server rack equipment that helps to protect your PC and other technical and electrical equipment. Besides rack cases for your computer and servers, we also offer rack cooling and rack mounting hardware.

    Explore our range of other services, including delivery and payment options such as FlexiPay+. Open an account with us now to start purchasing.

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