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    General Purpose Enclosures

    General purpose electrical enclosures are versatile storage solutions designed to house and protect a wide range of equipment, primarily electronics. Also known as electrical enclosure boxes, these multipurpose enclosures safeguard sensitive components from environmental factors, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

    RS New Zealand offers a comprehensive selection of electrical enclosures, ranging from small electrical boxes to large electrical enclosures and cabinets. Our diverse range caters to various applications, providing reliable protection for your electrical and electronic equipment. Whether you need an electrical enclosure box for industrial automation, telecommunications, or any other application, RS NZ has the perfect solution.

    Different Types of General Purpose Enclosures

    The ideal electrical enclosure for your project depends entirely on your specific application and requirements. RS NZ offers a diverse range of general-purpose enclosures, catering to various needs and preferences.


    • Aluminium enclosures: Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, aluminium enclosures are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, like power enclosure boxes or cabinets. They offer excellent protection against dust, moisture, and impact.
    • Plastic enclosures: Cost-effective and easy to modify, plastic electrical enclosures are ideal for lightweight applications. They are available in various sizes and shapes, offering flexibility in design.
    • Fibreglass enclosures: Known for their exceptional strength and resistance to harsh environments, fibreglass electrical cabinet boxes and enclosures are perfect for demanding industrial applications. They can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and corrosion.

    We also have a range of different:

    • Gasket materials
    • Dimensions and sizes
    • Different IP ratings, such as IP65, IP54 and IP66. To find out more about IP ratings, please read our detailed IP Rating Guide
    • Variety of colours
    • Flanged options for mounting purposes
    • Some of the enclosures feature ventilation, display windows and chassis plates

    Applications of General Purpose Enclosures

    General purpose enclosures offer versatile solutions for safeguarding electrical and electronic components across diverse industries. Their adaptability and protective features make them suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Electrical Control Panels: House and protect electrical control components, such as switches, relays, and circuit breakers, within electrical cabinets or large electrical enclosures.
    • Industrial Automation: Provide secure housing for PLC systems, HMIs, and other automation equipment, ensuring reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.
    • Telecommunications: Protect sensitive telecommunications equipment, such as routers, switches, and servers, from dust, moisture, and electromagnetic interference.
    • Building Automation: Enclose and safeguard building automation systems, including HVAC controls, lighting systems, and security panels.
    • Outdoor Applications: Utilise weatherproof electrical enclosure boxes to protect electrical equipment from rain, snow, and other environmental hazards.
    • Power Distribution: House and organise electrical distribution components, such as transformers, fuses, and circuit breakers, within power enclosure boxes.
    • Transportation: Protect electronic systems in vehicles, trains, and other modes of transportation from vibration, impact, and environmental damage.
    • Renewable Energy: Safeguard electrical components in solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems from the elements.

    How to Buy Electrical Enclosure Cabinets from RS?

    Electrical enclosure cabinets are essential for protecting valuable electrical equipment and ensuring safety in various settings. RS NZ, a trusted supplier of electrical enclosures, offers a wide range of high-quality electrical enclosure boxes and cabinets to meet your specific needs.

    Our extensive selection includes enclosures made from various materials, including aluminium, plastic, and fibreglass, with different IP ratings to suit your environment. Whether you need a large electrical enclosure cabinet for industrial machinery or a small electrical box for electronics, RS has the perfect solution. We offer enclosures from reputable brands like Rittal, Schneider Electric, and Fibox, known for their durability, reliability, and innovative features.

    Delivery Information for New Zealand

    To have your purchases delivered the next working day, please place your orders for items stocked locally in New Zealand or Australia before 5 pm NZT and 3 pm NZT, respectively.

    RS will deliver your order between 8 am and 5 pm local time the next working day. However, a longer lead time may be required for some products, including:

    • Global Stock and Extended Range products.
    • Orders of hazardous materials.
    • Products over 20kg, with a cubic weight exceeding 20kg, or longer than 1.5 metres.

    Extended lead times may also apply to non-core products and deliveries to specific regional areas. For further details or to arrange consolidated delivery, please speak to our Customer Service.

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