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    Ceramic Materials

    At RS we offer a range of engineering ceramics and materials, suitable for various applications. Available in disc, bead, sheet, rod and bar formats, we have products for any project all in one place.

    Why use ceramic materials?

    Ceramic materials are often used in a variety of industrial applications due to their high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance. Ceramic materials also feature low thermal conductivity, making them ideal for use in electrical engineering applications. Ceramic materials are available in a range of forms, sizes and thicknesses, with many types being suitable for soldering to other materials.

    What types of ceramic materials are available?

    We offer a range of ceramics and kits, each suited to various applications. These include:

    • Ceramic bars and rods - Ideal for constant and ultra-high vacuum environments, laser technology, aerospace, medical and various other industrial applications
    • Ceramic beads - Also referred to as ceramic fish spine beads, these interlocking beads are ideal for providing secure and flexible insulation for wires
    • Ceramic kits - These kits include a selection of common ceramic materials in one handy kit, including ceramic bars, rods and sheets
    • Ceramic sheets - Commonly used in chemical and material processing applications. In some cases ceramic sheets can also be used for RF (radio frequency) and electronic applications.