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    Knobs, Levers & Handles

    Knobs, levers and handles are mechanical components used in a wide range of control, lifting, adjusting and carrying applications. They come in a range of different types, styles and materials to suit your every need. RS offer an extensive range of high-quality products from leading manufactures and of course RS PRO.

    What to consider when selecting a knob

    We stock many different types of clamping knob including wing knobs, ball knobs, multiple lobed knobs (star knob) and knurled finger knobs. They are manufactured from materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium, or tough plastics including Duroplast, Polyamide and thermoplastic. Choosing the correct knob for your application depends on the environment it will be used. Having a polished ball knob in an area that is subject to moisture or oils and greases wouldn’t be the best choice. A knurled or star knob are better due to their better gripping design.

    What to consider when buying levers

    Levers are designed for manual tightening or to adjust and align machine parts and precision instruments. Levers come in three main types, clamping levers, control levers and tension levers. All our levers are manufactured from high-quality materials and are designed to work in the toughest of environments. Levers have either internal female threads or a protruding male threaded stud in a range of thread sizes.

    Why do I need carrying handles?

    Carrying handles are designed to help you hold and handle equipment safely and can often increase the usability and manoeuvrability of the product you attach them to. Carrying handles are used in many settings industrially, commercially and domestically.

    What to consider when buying a handwheel

    We carry a range of spoked handwheels and spoked handwheels which are mostly manufactured from a range of tough plastics or metal including stainless steel or aluminium. Some of our handwheels include handgrips that revolve or fold down. Handwheels are used in industrial applications for valve adjustment or domestically as a sewing machine control wheel.